Teaser #3 + Announcement

This third teaser takes a look at Ixo’s unlikely escape from the robot army’s spaceship.

While teasers #1 through 3# show scenes from the intro, the next videos will feature actual gameplay.

Time to let Ixo loose!


Also: we are getting close to launching a playable demo and will be looking for alpha testers very soon. We have around 10-15 slots available. Ixo Reborn is an exclusive VR release and is being developped using Oculus Rift. One of the goals of alpha testing is to ensure compatibility with the HTC Vive, so if you own either the Rift or the Vive, you’re good to participate.

In case you think this is interesting, just contact us via the contact form or hit us up on twitter, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

And now, enjoy:

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