Meet Utopia – a shitty gaming console for the Arduino Uno

64k of memory is worth very little – in 2018.  I was curious how much gameplay you can squeeze into an Arduino Uno and dedicated a weekend into building possibly world’s shittiest gaming console: Meet Utopia.

Three “applications” on one console

It all started when I thought: Hey, why not make a Pong clone in Arduino? After implementing that, I noted that I had plenty of memory left, so I added a very basic Lander clone.

With still thousands of bytes unused, I decided it would be a shame not to include a shitty E-Book-Reader.

I soon learned that the remaining space would last for no more than two pages, but hey…it’s an E-Book-Reader.


A gaming console as shitty as that definitely deserves an equally shitty video ad:


Utopia is really easy to build. Here is what you need:

  • an Arduino Uno
  • a joystick
  • a passive buzzer
  • a 128x64px display
  • a dozen or so jumper wires

The following image illustrates the parts I used and the pins I connected:


How to play

#0: Menu

  • Move the joystick left/right, then press to choose one of three apps:

#1: Pong

  • You are the left racket
  • Move the joystick up/down

#2: Lander

  • Land gently on the platforms
  • Move the joystick down to thrust upwards, left/right to steer

#3: E-Book-Reader

  • Move the joystick up/down to scroll


Utopia is on Github. Feel free to download / modify the project as you like. If you manage to squeeze a fourth app into the Arduino Uno Memory, the citizens of Utopia will officially appoint you their new mayor.

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