The Jovian (VR)

The Jovian was a VR game that I did in the early (pre-release / DK2) times of the Oculus Rift.

The year is 2124. You emigrated to the Jovian system, because on earth things got muggy.

But instead of being a famous pioneer, you ended up flying richer people around.
Master the controls in the training, then get out to three different locations in and above the Jovian Atmosphere.

You will meet kind, yet weird Jovians (who, for some reason, all look alike). But beware: not everybody on Jupiter likes Earthlings!

The Jovian is intended part game, part experience. Relax and take your time. All you have to worry about is your fuel level and the the occasional laser cannon pointed on you. Take a zip from your drink. Can you feel the reduced gravity?

Some fun let’s plays from gamers and reviewers:
 The Rift Arcade
 Kto Loco


Music Attributions in The Jovian:

“Odyssey” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Violin Sonata in A” César Franck (Comp.), Ariav Buchris (Perf.)
Licensed as Public Domain

“Digya” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Jeux de vagues” Claude Débussy (Comp.), US Air Force Band (Perf.)
Licensed as Public Domain

All other music and skits by Daan Henderson

Mars Cab (Android)

Mars Cab was my first game back in 2015. I taught myself coding while making it and although it’s not the most high end game, I still like it to this day.

You play a taxi driver. On Mars. Anyone remember Space Taxi?Meet weird alien passengers, evade deadly lasers and buzz-saws…

…in other words: business as usual on Mars.

A recent survey showed that nine out of ten martians ADORED Mars Cab. Those from Ceres….not so much.

Mars Cab is still out there on Google Play (yes, also in a free version), but it may not longer fully compatible with current smartphones / tablets.

If you want to try:

Mars Cab Free


Mars Cab Pro (100% ad-free + 10 more Levels):